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Delta Hotels first hired us in 2004. Since then, we’ve helped them ensure their business remains competitive in the hospitality sector by successfully producing user-centric web solutions. In early 2014, KPDi began a new project with Delta to develop a new Intranet for them that would be used by their 7,000 employees around the world.


We started the process with the 4 Ds – discovery, design, development and delivery. We learned how the business works and took a strategic, content-focused approach to the project. Through our process, we learned that Delta had been using 2,000+ independent Google Drive applications that were designed, populated and maintained by Delta employees. We became extremely familiar with the content and the functionality of this large network of applications and it became clear that they would need to be fully integrated into the new Intranet that we were building.


Based on what we learned, we recommended and built a Wordpress network, using its multisite functionality. Single Sign On (SSO) was achieved through integration with the Okta cloud-based identity management service. We built and designed the Intranet using Delta’s new brand guidelines and were able to integrate the existing content and sites into the new system so that content could be uploaded, created and changed in one place, the WordPress system, but would appear in the pre-existing sites. The large network of existing Google applications were integrated seamlessly throughout the Intranet – the content from the Drive folders display directly on the new pages and Google Calendar events appear in a sidebar. Now, sites are easy to manage and maintain.


Launched in early 2015, the response to the new Intranet was overwhelmingly positive.

"The demands of this project were complex and constantly evolving and KPDi came up with a strategic solution for every challenge we faced throughout the project lifecycle . The finished product was far beyond my expectations."

Andy Serwatuk
Systems Specialist, Delta Hotels


This project is a great example of strategy, content, design and technology working together. Strategic thinking allowed us to look at all the existing applications and understand the needs of Delta employees and Delta Hotels. We were then able to deep-dive into the content and design a brand-focused solution. Our technology background resulted in the creation of a stable, integrated and user-friendly solution for our client.
We sometimes come into a project after it has gone wrong, but this case study shows the benefits of coming to us first – a well-designed, well-built solution that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our client and its employees.


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