• How KPDI does SEO

    How KPDI does SEO

    Business writers who set about detailing the changes to Search Engine Optimization in the year 2017 could approach the subject the same way they might report on this year’s new model cars, or cell phones or even new shoe designs. Any author reasonably proficient in SEO theory might start by listing fresh data showing recent […]

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  • Security


    There are all kinds of security issues that might be affecting your website. Below are a few of the most common and what you need to know about them – and questions you can ask your IT department/person to help you get a handle on your security concerns.

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  • Mobile Optimization

    Mobile Optimization

    By the end of 2016, people spend more time on their phones every day than their laptops in the US. And over 80% of all Internet users own a smartphone. These numbers have been increasing in leaps and bounds over the last few years and they’re just going to keep increasing. So there really isn’t any good argument to not optimize for mobile devices.

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