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A sponsor of the Rogers Cup, Mayfair Clubs is one of the largest tennis-focused club in Toronto, with four unique locations. Mayfair approached KPDi to redo their website. They wanted to make sure their website was in line with their premium-luxury brand as well as being representative of the individuality of each location.


Beyond making the site look great, we wanted to understand the brand and the experience of going to the clubs by visiting, talking to people at the clubs and developing the language of the company. We started with a design and branding exercise the internal Mayfair marketing team. We then continued working with the Mayfair marketing department through all four Ds: discovery, design, development and delivery.
One of the unique and notable aspects of the process was the image selection process. Because brand alignment and the unique nature of the four locations were so important to the success of this project, we spent quite some time selecting the right images to convey the experience in the clubs as well as the diversity of the distinct clubs to the satisfaction of the various club managers and the Mayfair board.


Launched in July 2015, the new Mayfair site is mobile responsive and is an accurate reflection of the brand identity of Mayfair Clubs. With several new features and changing how and when users are approached on the site and subsequently followed up, the website changed drastically how users interact with the site. The site was built to meet the needs of our client and their clients, with an integrated mobile and online booking and reservations system for courts, programs, classes and training sessions with a design that appropriately follows-up with members.


"To say that the response to the new site has been good, would be a gross understatement. Since it’s launch, the lead generation has increased 300%. The site is now generating so many qualified leads that we are now working to integrate these leads into the CRM software so that the Mayfair sales staff can act on these leads. The look of the new site and the effectiveness of the design and the usability in increasing lead volume have shown this project to be a resounding success."

Sean Rosenthal
Director Marketing


The KPDi team especially enjoyed working closely with the Mayfair marketing team. In addition, we were excited to work with this prominent, historic brand and were happy to help the Mayfair Clubs find its digital voice.


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