Web & App Development  Design & Strategy


Web Development

At KPDI, we use analytics and strategy when developing a website – we measure what we make. All aspects of a project are done with a specific purpose in mind and is then measured for its performance during the full life cycle of the project – from strategy to design to development to launch.


Digital strategy considers the client’s current digital footprint as well as the business’ immediate goals and vision for the future.  In that context, we build out the digital ecosystem to see the big picture, identify pain points before they hurt, see patterns taking shape and establish a course of appropriate action to create business value.


Understanding how users search for content that is relevant to them is the cornerstone of content marketing. And integrating a long-term SEO and content strategy is the best and fastest way to get your website in the top positions for organic search.

Website Management & Maintenance

Our team can work with your marketing and tech departments to maintain the content, security and performance of a website, including web patches and updates to protect your site from malicious activities. This includes backup, recovery and a business continuity strategy to ensure minimal interruptions.

Information Architecture

Our IA team provides wireframing, site map development and blueprinting prior to the design phase of the project. Analytics, business discovery and content analysis are all integral parts of our process. Our IAs have provided architecture for sites in the 10s of thousands of pages as well as one-page sites.

User Testing

Usability and user experience testing include online, remote and in-person tests ranging from a/b tests to recruiting individuals, moderating, recording, reviewing, analyzing and reporting to determine the efficacy of an app or site.


The KPDI team has a full understanding of WCAG, the web content accessibility guidelines, and the laws in Ontario and the US that use these guidelines. In an audit of your site, we look for any instances where the site is not in alignment with these guidelines/laws. Ideally, we like to do this at the information architecture stage before a new site is designed/built, stay involved through the development process and then test the site with assistive devices to make sure any problems are caught quickly and addressed.

Mobile App Development

KPDI helps deliver mobile and hybrid apps for iOS, android and blackberry for start-ups and well-known businesses using a dedicated mobile strategy that integrates with the company’s website and other online channels.

User Experience & Creative Design

Using a disciplined design approach, we handle all levels of design using professional creative designers who understand the platforms they’re designing for and can carry the design from one platform to another, including print design. And responsive design for all mobile platforms is integrated into all projects.

Web Analytics Measurement

At KPDI, using analytics at every stage of the project is an integrated part of our process. Using analytics at the beginning of a project is especially useful and continues to be useful throughout the project and after launch. It takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process as the numbers show us what the audience is looking for and is doing.

Branding and Content

Your brand is who you are and how you want the world to see you.  KPDI ensures a well-rounded understanding of your brand and your content needs by examining existing content with a fine-toothed comb and by talking to stakeholders and customers. We can then create engaging content and a content plan that works for your business and your customers.

Website Quality

KPDI creates a clear QA plan, with clear deliverables for intakes, a specific reporting process and clear communication with the developers fixing the problems. We provide a suite of tools, techniques and capabilities that help to ensure all of what we do is thoroughly tested.

Email Marketing

From setting up an email service provider to strategies to build your lists, to creating attractive emails, to performing with CASL (so you won’t get sued) and to personalized emails, KPDI can help with all aspects of email marketing.

Hardware and Prototyping

Wearable devices and small communications-enabled devices are becoming more affordable for many organizations to build their own hardware. KPDI can help from idea to production, including designing the product, writing the software, hardware prototyping and creating and integrating the companion app.


We help companies integrate Customer Relationship Managements systems that in turn help them better understand and communicate with their customers. We work with popular CRM and inbound marketing systems like Infusionsoft, Tessitura and HubSpot. Find out how CRM can help grow your business.

"To put your business first in the ever-evolving digital world, you need a firm that understands the complexity of integrated Strategy, Development, UX and Design."

Karl Dionne Founder KPDI