About Us


KPDI is a full service digital design and development agency. KPDI serves you as a key partner in digital innovation, integrating technology into process and marketing across platforms including: web, mobile, automation, and data processing.

We were founded over a decade ago on the premise that marketing must communicate clearly, with the audience and not to the audience, on a platform they are most receptive to. As tools have evolved, the consumer has become more involved in this discourse, presenting both opportunities, and challenges for your brand.

We understand the complexity of technology, we live and breathe it. Our digital expertise has helped companies harness technology advances to improve processes, market appeal and ultimately, profitability.

Whether capturing heart rate and intensity for wearable devices, creating more interactive learning experiences for franchisees, or serving personalized marketing content based on user interactions, we help you bridge the gap between a good process and a refined one.





What we do

  • Mobile Apps

    iOS | Android

    KPDI has the understanding and experience to create a digital solution that works seamlessly for you and your customers. Our development team uses patience, rigour and advanced technical skills to ensure that you get a reliable end product that meets your expectations and exceeds the expectations of your customers.

  • Web Development


    KPDI can develop web applications both as stand-alone product development and as mobile app companion that syncs with your iOS and Android application. KPDI has experience with multiple development languages and platforms to develop and seamlessly connect to your enterprise systems.

  • Websites


    KPDI's expertise in website design and development speaks for itself. We create fully responsive websites that suit your every need, from one page promotional campaigns to world class company websites visisted by thousands of users. KPDI can develop for multiple platforms such as Wordpress or provide fully custom solutions.

World class digital projects delivered on time.