About Us


KPDI is a full service digital design and development agency. We deliver digital innovation driven by strategy, weaving the latest technology into new business opportunities across all platforms, including web, mobile, and social.

We understand the complexity of technology, we live and breathe it. We help companies harness technology advances to improve their processes, their productivity and their profitability.





What we do

  • Mobile Apps

    iOS | Android

    KPDI has extensive experience in mobile app design for both iOS and Android and we understand the differences between these platforms from both a technical and design standpoint.

    Each platform is unique and needs to be technically and visually designed with this in mind.

  • Web Apps


    KPDI develops web applications as stand-alone products and as mobile app companions that sync with iOS and Android applications.

    Our experience with multiple development languages and platforms means that our work will connect to your enterprise systems.

  • Websites


    KPDI’s expertise in website design and development speaks for itself. We create fully responsive websites that suit your every need, from one page promotional campaigns to world class company websites visited by thousands of users.

    KPDI can develop for mulitple platforms such as wordpress or provide fully custom solutions.

Digital projects delivered on budget and on time.